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President's Message

Dear FJ Alumni,

Thank you for nominating me as the leader of our Alumni Association for the next two years. I am honored and humbled to serve and I am committed to leading the Alumni Association to another level. I would also like to thank our predecessors who have guided this association and made great strides in organizing FJMCAA. The previous Executive Council members have made impressive progress; membership has grown, our tax-exempt status has been reinstated to 501(c)(3) status which allows our holdings to be tax-free, a website and Facebook page has been established and updated periodically, we have contributed towards the APPNA scholarship fund, and our members have participated in many charitable projects. As we look towards the future, the new Executive Council will continue working towards the goals set forth by our predecessors. Our hope is to leverage our individual successes and use FJMCAA as a platform to launch larger philanthropic endeavors. We will continue working on improving our membership, work towards giving a clear meaning for our alumni body, and work towards getting more organized in the USA. We also hope to collaborate further with FJMU and APPNA on its various platforms.

To do so, we will continue to engage our alumni and give them a platform to bring forth their ideas and eventually a mechanism to give these ideas life. Clearly, none of these goals can be accomplished without active alumni involvement. This participation has to begin with becoming an FJMCAA member and then with active participation in all the decisions that we have to make over the next several years. We start the membership drive today, so please join us, encourage others, and get excited about the unlimited possibilities for our organization to expand, connect, and serve!

We thank you again for this opportunity to serve the organization and hope that we can live up to your expectations. If you have any questions, comments or thoughts, please reach out to any member of the newly elected team.


Shagufta Jabeen, MD - Class of 1986

Nighat Mehdi, MD - Class of 1986

Fizza Salim, MD - Class of 1996

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